UK visa processing times

Each and every applicant wants to know about the processing times for UK Visa. There were times when the applicant has to wait a blind time and was unable to know how much time the concerned agents require to process the UK visa application. I have heard students saying that they have waited for a very long time- more than 6 months for their UK visa application to be processed. Now with the passage of time the UK Border Agency is trying to make the services better so they have started a new system through which one can easily find out how much time one’s UK visa application requires to be processed. The thing that we are looking forward is visa tracking system which is still not available. We wish there were such systems so that the applicants could easily track their application.
So, on the UKBA website you can check how much time your UK visa application requires.  However there is no guarantee of the time required for your particular visa application because it shows processing time in general and not in particular.
So if you want to know about the processing time for your visa application then visit the link below and in the table bar below “I made my visa application in” select your visa application centre and then click Find Out

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